RC 18 would like to congratulate the new members of the Asian and Pacific Studies Committee. They join the other members in bringing their talents to develop new activities and research regarding Asia and the Pacific.


  • Prof. Bhawna Pokharna (Ph.D. in Political Science) -- Associate Professor - Department of Political Science - Government Meera Girls College, Udaipur/India.


  • Ms. Effie Charalampaki -- International Relations Theory Working Group Founding Director - East Asia Research Program / Center for International Politics, Institute of International Relations (IDIS) / Greece.


  • Prof. Maria João Tomás (Ph.D. in History) -- Assistant Professor at the Department of History at the Autonomous University of Lisbon / Portugal.


  • Prof. Carmen Mendes (Ph.D. in Political Science) -- Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra / Course: China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries in World Trade / Portugal.


  • Prof. Douglas de Castro (Ph.D. in Political Science) -- Professor of International Law at Lanzhou University School of Law / China.


  • Prof. James Chin (Ph.D.) -- Professor of Asian Studies at University of Tasmania / Australia."