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09Feb 2012

RC18-Asian and Pacific Studies celebrates 35th Anniversary at Madrid 2012 IPSA World Congress


RC18-Asian and Pacific Studies to celebrate 35th Anniversary

at Madrid 2012 IPSA World Congress


Since its establishment at the 1976 IPSA World Congress in Edinburgh, the Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies (RC-18) has organized panels for every world congress and held international roundtable conferences in various locations.


The first International Roundtable Conference was held in 1978 in Chicago. The first panel on Asian Studies was organized in 1979 at the Moscow World Congress of IPSA.


During 2010-2011, RC18 held an "International Roundtable Conference on Central Asia in the 21st Century" at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (USA). The Asian and Pacific Studies sessions will include 13 panels for the 22nd World Congress of IPSA in Madrid, Spain in 2012.


The RC-18 has lost two senior members in 2010- 2011: Dr. Robert Scalapino, Director East Asia Study Institute of the University of California, was a paper-giver in the first International Roundtable Conference of RC 18 in 1978.  Dr. Loretta Makasier Sicat, served as Secretary of RC18 and passed away in 2010. She was a Professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines and President of the Political Science Association of the Philippines.  Both were prominent Political Scientists, specializing in Asian Studies. They will be always in our memory.


Dr. Angelin Chang, Professor of Cleveland State University, was selected as the new Secretary of RC18 to fill the vacancy. She is a life member of IPSA and she has participated in the World Congress of IPSA since 1985.  She has contributed excellent assistance for the organization of panels of RC18 for the 22nd World Congress.


RC18 plan to celebrate its 35th Anniversary of its establishment, during the 22nd World Congress of IPSA in Madrid, July 8-12, 2012.


The organization of the RC 18 is as follows:

Chair: Teh-Kuang Chang, Ball State University, USA

Vice Chair: Haroon Khan, Henderson State University, USA

Secretary: Angelin Chang, Cleveland State University, USA


The 12 Board Members include the following:


Mehrigiul Ablezova, American University, Kyrgyzstan

Malin Åkebo, Umeå University, Sweden

Marceli Burdelski, University of Gdańsk, Poland

Angelin Chang, Cleveland State University, USA

Taekyoon Kim, Waseda University, Japan

Lee Lai To, National University of Singapore

Sadig Malki, King Abdullah Aziz University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Luis Ernesto Nava Molero, Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela

Gonzalo S. Paz, George Washington University, Argentina

Elmira Satybaldieva, University of Kent, UK

Walter Sánchez, University of Chile, Chile

Pushpa Thambipillai, University of Brunei Darassalam, Brunei


RC 18 welcomes suggestions for future programs, membership applications and paper proposals. Please contact:


Dr. Teh-Kuang Chang

Department of Political Science

Ball State University

Muncie, Indiana 47306



Telephone and Fax: +1 (765) 289-5628

Email:  tchang@bsu.edu



Dr. Teh-Kuang Chang, Chair

International Political Science Association

Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies (RC18)


Dr. Angelin Chang, Secretary

International Political Science Association

Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies (RC18)


21Sep 2011

IMPORTANT DATES for World Congress Madrid 2012

IPSA 22nd World Congress 

Madrid, Spain 

July 8 to 12, 2012

To submit paper proposals/abstracts for Congress participation, please see instructions at the following link:



  • October 7 Deadline to submit abstract/paper proposals (extended to October 17)
  • November 18 Deadline to submit travel grant applications
  • December 2 Abstract proposers are notified of final results


  • January 13 Travel grant applicants are notified of final results
  • March 11 Registration deadline for paper givers, discussants and chairs who wish their names to appear in the printed program. All panel chairs must register by this deadline.
  • June 1 Deadline for paper presenters to upload papers

More information at www.ipsa.org

20Sep 2011

General Information

Background Recognised as a study group in 1976; granted research committee status in 1979.

Objectives Advances the development of Asian and Pacific studies and promotion of the study of political science in Asian and Pacific countries. The work of this committee focuses on the following areas: the modernisation of Asian countries, including the economic and political development of the countries in the Asian and Pacific basin; regional security, including the rise and decline of alliance systems in Asia; and the impact of national integration and world peace.

18Apr 2008

History of Asian and Pacific Studies Research Committee (RC18)

The Asian Studies program was established during the 8th World Congress of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) held in Edinburgh in 1976, for the purpose of promoting Asian Studies for IPSA and to encourage political scientists in Asian and Pacific countries to join the world arena of political science. The 1979 Moscow World Congress of IPSA initiated a panel session on Asian Studies, which thus formally recognized the Committee on Asian Studies.

The first International Round Table Conference on Asian Studies was held in Chicago in 1978, chaired by Teh-Kuang Chang; paper-givers included Robert Scalapino of the University of California, Frantz Michael of George Washington University, and numerous other scholars from different countries.

The second Asian Studies International Round Table Conference was held in Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, in 1980. UNESCO lent its support to this conference to enable political scientists from Asia to report on the development of political science in each country. The President of the Chinese Political Science Association, Han Lih-wu, gave an account of the progress of political science in China.

In 1991, the IPSA World Congress held in Buenos Aires recognized the elevation and expansion of the Committee on Asian Studies as the Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies.

This Committee is listed as RC18; it consistently organizes sessions at each World Congress of IPSA, and holds international round table conferences, in broad-ranging locales such as in Rio de Janeiro and Washington, D.C. The result of the RC18's efforts has helped to increase membership of Asian and Pacific scholars in the IPSA; and this, in turn, has stimulated the growth of programs of Asian and Pacific studies at the IPSA World Congresses.

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